Brad Berk has a FieldDataManager placed in this field of soybeans and it allows him to collect data to aid in his planting and harvesting decisions. (Journal photo by Lacey Newlin.)

For Brad Berk, time and money are difficult commodities to come by and always in great demand. He credits his IntelliFarms systems with saving him time on a daily basis and putting money back in his pocket. Berk farms over 5,000 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat, canola, field peas and sesame in the Concordia, Kansas, area and has been an IntelliFarms customer for over 10 years.

He says he originally tried one of the BinManagers when he first started working with IntelliFarms and they have functioned so well he now has 10 of them monitoring his grain bins.


The BinManager monitors humidity, temperate and moisture of the grain in the bin, while also alerting to hot spots or fans shutting off. (Journal photo by Lacey Newlin.)

“They work flawless,” Berk said. “We have shipped 200,000 bushels of corn so far this year and we binned it at 20 to 23 moisture and we’ve gotten it down to 14.5 to 15, which is exactly where it needs to be.”

He says he also appreciates the easy access the BinManager provides to the temperature and humidity inside his grain bins and the alerts he receives on his smart phone. Berk says his bins are spread out at different locations, so the BinManager takes the guesswork out of managing his grain bins.

“It keeps the grain in condition and we don’t have to worry about it in the warm months,” Berk added. “The BinManagers paid for themselves the first year they were installed.”

Berk says his farming operation bins all the grain it harvests and market, so knowing exactly what is in the bins and what condition the grain is in brings added value to him as a seller and to his buyers. To Berk, the BinManager is a must for anyone storing a large amount of grain.

“I wouldn’t have a big bin without a BinManager,” he said.

Multiple uses for the FieldDataManager


Brad Berk's grain bins are equipped with the IntelliFarms BinManager, which allows him to keep track of the condition of his grain from his smart phone. (Journal photo by Lacey Newlin.)

Berk says he added a FieldDataManager a few years ago and has been impressed with its accuracy for measuring temperature, wind and humidity in his fields.

“We use it a lot for soil temperatures in the spring when we start planting corn because that varies quite a bit from what our FieldDataManager says and what they report on the radio,” Berk said.

He says since the FieldDataManager takes readings from his actual field location, it is able to give much more accurate readings. He says the FieldDataManager’s data is also useful when it is time to spray his fields.

Additionally, Berk has found a rather non-conventional use for the FieldDataManager that saves him time and energy when it comes to the livestock side of his operation. In addition to the ground he farms, Berk runs a hog farm consisting of 7,500 to 8,000 hogs in a replacement guilt breeding program. The FieldDataManager reports the rainfall, temperatures and humidity for his property so he can simply access the data and use it for his USDA records.

Berk says he recommends both the FieldDataManager and BinManager to other farmers like himself, but he also recommends the IntelliFarms company as a whole. He says IntelliFarms technology and products have greatly simplified his grain storage and data management.

 “IntelliFarms is a great company to work with,” Berk added. “They have great customer service and they monitor my systems really closely and fix equipment before I even realize its broken.”

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