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The Colorado Department of Agriculture announces that the state’s specialty crop industry has received more than $850,000 in grant funding. Sp…

Every fall, with the first hard freeze warning on the weather report, I am faced with a choice—which of my containers of annual flowers am I g…

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In southwest Kansas, where rain comes sparingly and the water table continues to disappear, Steve Sterling will tell you sorghum is the perfec…

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Across the country farmers are putting in long hours as they find themselves in the middle of fall harvest. For many, this is the most exciting time of the year. Months of hard work and decision-making are finally coming to fruition. It’s the report card of the growing season and it’s the first accurate glimpse at how the balance sheet may look at the end of the year.

As a producer, the yield results coming in allow you to begin evaluating your management decisions. But exactly how are your evaluations being made? Gone are the days of seeing a disappointing yield result, scratching your head as to what when wrong and hoping next year is better. More and more producers are beginning to look for answers as to why decisions didn’t produce the results they expected.

It’s not in plain sight, but information that has a real impact on your bottom line is out there just waiting to be discovered. It’s not a game of hide and seek, but rather leveraging technology from one of the most sophisticated pieces of equipment on your farmyour combine.