Thank you's

Shaun kind of looked at me funny when I dug out a note card from the console of my car and told him to sign it earlier this week before he went to school.

"You got a letter in the mail from the fair board and you've gotten another premium for your pig," I told him.

He hurriedly wrote, "Thanks" across the bottom of the card and his name above it. (Well, we're going to have to work on that before next year, I thought.) I think that was the last of the thank you notes from the fair, so I took it up to the extension office the same day.

At first I was a little disgruntled to have to make another trip to the extension office for just one check and a single thank you note, but then I thought to myself, "no, don't be that way. Someone took the time to be generous." Just this morning he was talking about next year's pigs and other projects he wants to do. I was happy to hear he was still engaged in 4-H, I can't say the same about baseball though. He knows this premium money is what's going to help him be able to buy his pigs and other projects for 2020.

Honestly I was a little shocked he didn't balk when it came time to sign the thank you notes. I think he's more excited about getting a bank account and having "money" more than anything. He even emptied out his piggy bank in anticipation of getting the account. Now Mom just needs to find the time to make it to the bank with his money.

I remember when I got my first bank account. I was in high school and I believe it was after graduation when we took in our graduation gifts and opened an account. It wasn't until after I had my first real job that I opened a savings account. We've tried to instill in the boys the need to save money and hopefully this will only solidify the need to have "money in the bank."

I didn't have a job until I went to college, and only then was it a work-study job that gave me spending money for the limited hours I had available during the week. I hope that helping the boys earn money and consequently save it they can have the funds needed for 4-H projects in the years to come, and maybe even college if they decide to go down that path.

Being his first year in 4-H, I was pretty happy with how the fair turned out. It was nice to see people I hadn't seen since I was in 4-H myself, and see him get to do some of the things I was able to do. Today while looking at social media, I noticed a fundraiser where proceeds will go to the "area buyer’s associations"—which will help support youth involved in 4-H and FFA. I thought that was a heck of an idea. Might be something counties with limited a business base could raise funds for 4-H and FFA groups in their areas. This particular fundraiser had new/used jeans for $3 and $4. They had more than 4,000 pairs of jeans to sell. I sure hope they are able to raise the funds they need.

What does your county do to raise funds for the youth activities?

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