Last week I looked at the calendar and was shocked to find it was somehow already July. County fair starts July 18 and it seems as though we've got a million things to do yet.

First on the list was to finish up photos and get them ordered. Shaun and I managed to sneak out in the pasture and get a few shots of the cows and calves during late June. I knew he needed a few more so we invited his cousin Klayton over and I took them on a photo safari July 2. I drove the boys around the section and on the 4-wheeler to get a few shots. We lucked out and still had wheat in a field close to us and there also happened to be a rainbow in the southern sky that night. I managed to get them ordered on Friday and they showed up today. Check that off the list. On to getting them mounted.

Next on my to-do list was the goats. We've had them since mid-April, and they're leading ok, but still temperamental. Somehow we’ve managed to get them walked pretty regularly the past couple of days and twice on Sunday. They weren't feeling it at all, but I feel a little better about their broke-ness after last night. While walking the goats I also noticed I left a number out of the tag numbers on his pre-entry. I nearly had a panic attack and *almost* thought he wouldn't get to show because of it. Got it taken care of this morning. Now we just need to get them clipped and used to the show chains.

Third are the horses. Shaun is going to ride my old mare for the riding classes and show one of my husband's horses in halter and showmanship. I'd ordered a lead shank to go with one of my old show halters, but didn't get to try it on the mare he's going to show until this past weekend. Halter was too small, so we'll have to go to plan B. Plus she needs to be tuned on a little bit. But I think we'll get there. The riding is another story. Not real sure what I was thinking entering him in the classes I did. The boy is scared to trot. I guess if anything he can walk every class/pattern. Lord help me.

Finally, the pigs. They've been easy enough. Hopefully they'll be at the minimum weight come July 18 at weigh-in. I had a (bad) dream the other night that he wouldn't be able to show since they were too light. I really ought to stop worrying or eating something strange before bed. Isn't that what causes crazy dreams? Nonetheless, Shaun's finally getting the hang of maneuvering his pigs around practice.

My sister and I were essentially on our own when it came to our 4H projects. Dad would haul us to town occasionally and help with the steers when he was home. And they paid the feed bill. I've watched my sister the last 2 years with her son and kind of know what I'm in for. We got a little taste of the pig show when Shaun showed his two at the High Plains Livestock Classic at the end of May.

So, ready or not, here we come Ford County Fair. That's if Shaun and I survive each other in the coming days! 

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