Recently our killing cows started our normal trend as it normally does this time of year when most producers wean their calves and sell their old cows.

Jerry Nine

But surprisingly our killing cows were a little better this past week. I tried to promote to ranchers to sell their old cows a few weeks ago and several seemed to take advantage of that. So it will be interesting to see if we dip as low as we normally do in September and October. One thing that takes a lot of beef off next year’s market is the fact of some packers buying these heavy bred cows and killing them to get the blood of that unborn calf.

For years they have used that in cancer research but I am told one packer sends that blood overseas. They like it from an unborn calf because it is sterile. They spin that blood, I am told, then there are several layers of it and the top layer is very valuable while the lower layers are used for other things. With this in mind, killing several of these heavy bred cows before they calve makes quite a few less calves born. And over a big area it amounts to a lot less beef.

When grain was cheaper they would feed a lot of those 4- and 5-month bred cows until they were heavy bred but grain might be too high for them to do that now.

It’s the time of year a lot of ranchers will start weaning calves. I have heard several say with the prices we have now they will not wean and right now that looks fairly appealing.

We have several calf sales lined up this fall in September, October and November. Call us and take a picture of them on your phone and we will put them on Facebook plus our television in our hallway to help advertise your cattle.

Did you know on the Canary Island there is not one canary? And on the Virgin Islands? Same thing—not one canary there either.

A bank robber walks up to one of the hostages and asks—did you see my face? The hostage replies, “Yes.” The robber shot the man in the head. He turns to the next man and asks, “Did you see my face?” “No,” he replied, “But my wife caught a glimpse.”

Why are the majority of cowboys avid gamblers? Because they always like raising the steaks.

Where does a cowboy do his cooking at? He generally cooks on the range.

Editor’s note: Jerry Nine, Woodward, Oklahoma, is a lifetime cattleman who grew up on his family’s ranch near Slapout, Oklahoma.

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