Jerry Nine

I don’t mind taking less for cattle when I think there is a good reason such as over-supply. But it does make me mad when the packer is making $300 per head plus part of the offal and we are losing money or breaking even.

Coming in to the sale this morning, again I hear about Choice beef quoted at $220 and select at $208. Again, it is a broken record with 220 times 64.5 percent yield equals $141.90, which is what Choice fat cattle should be worth and even Select times a yield of 63 percent equals $131.04. What a joke and all the ag organizations claim they are working for you. I challenge you to confront every one of them and ask them what they are doing about this monopoly.

And if they are doing nothing tell them to cancel your membership until they get their head out from under the rock. Some ranchers will say, “It doesn’t affect me, I only sell calves and feeder cattle.”

That is absolutely wrong. In fact in the near future it may affect the value of your ranch if the only buyer left are the handful of big corporations. I have talked to a lot of cattlemen this past week that are wore down tired, frustrated and on the verge of giving up. I predict if we do nothing in 20 years or less the family farm will be extinct.

Don’t be afraid of growing older. You will still do stupid things, only slower.

I called these friends of mine a couple and was teasing them. I said, “I wanted to see if you all wanted to go eat but I couldn’t remember whether this was beer night or church night.” He said, “Actually it is grandparent night. We are babysitting our 1-year-old grandson.”

So then he sent me a video of his grandson who had turned on a water hydrant and every time he would touch the water he would back up fast. He did that several times.

I said that is extremely cute. Grandpa said, “Yes, but I can tell you for sure it was cuter on Day 1 but this is Day 6.”

Editor’s note: Jerry Nine, Woodward, Oklahoma, is a lifetime cattleman who grew up on his family’s ranch near Slapout, Oklahoma.

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