Jerry Nine

Not long ago I got a letter from a 94-year-old man who said he had been quite an avid reader of this column for quite some time.

He lives in Mound City, Missouri. He is still active in the family farm and trucking business. He said he liked the column I wrote about my mom and he said it described his mom to a T also. His name is Glen Nauman. I agree those good ole Christian country women are hard to beat. He said he likes the column and the jokes but I’m kinda wondering if his sense of humor is a little twisted like mine if he likes my jokes.

He said they have had a lot of flooding in Missouri this past year making it very challenging. He also asked me what I thought of our markets and said that I probably think the same as he does.

Good luck, Glen, hopefully this next year will be a great year. Or I have a better idea, why don’t you come run this sale barn for a year and I’ll go over to Mound City? But bring some extra cash with you. These four boys of mine may be calling you from time to time.

There is a very good demand for long weaned steers and heifers coming off the grass. Actually the bigger the better at least 800 pounds or more is good. Even a lot of the big heifers that didn’t breed are going to the feedlot and selling well. We are seeing some wheat pasture in our area just getting planted last Thursday. It started snowing during the sale and before the day was over most around got from 5 to 11 inches. I don’t like snow but it was good and probably the wettest snow I had ever seen. The part I liked the temperature the next day was 55 so it all melted.

I texted my boy’s babysitter who has taken care of my boys for years when I couldn’t get there. I knew she hadn’t been feeling well so I said, “Are you sick?” She responded that she was not walking too well. So just trying to be helpful I had to ask her if she had been drinking. She said, no, but what she really needed was someone to bring her a breakfast burrito with sausage, hash browns and eggs. Well her sickness definitely hasn’t hurt her appetite. Then I told her that I thought she had a little wobble in her walk for years. Then she said, it cannot wobble anymore cause everything is stiff. Then she said “and save the smart remarks about being stiff.” Well, that surprises me. What does she think I am a smart aleck?

Editor’s note: Jerry Nine, Woodward, Oklahoma, is a lifetime cattleman who grew up on his family’s ranch near Slapout, Oklahoma.

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