Wow, the first weekend of 2022 was cold and now we are supposed to have more days with a big dip way down in temperature.

Jerry Nine

Jan. 4 the temperature was 64 degrees Fahrenheit and Jan. 6 it was supposed to be 25 degrees for the high. These really cold days with wind chills in the negative give a calf that is in the sick pen a good reason to kick the bucket. This business is so interesting last year this same time I weaned calves and had heck with the health.

This year I’m weaning at the same time and so far it has been good but I hate to say that too quick. This time I gave them all a nasal gel shot except for 10 head because I looked down and had forgotten to mix the blue liquid with the other bottle. So, I guess 10 head got water.

Oh well, if you do something dumb when you are young then you blame it on being young and careless. If you are middle aged and do something dumb you simply say, “Well, I am busy and I have a lot on my mind.” Then if you do something dumb and getting some age on you then you hate to admit it 'cause you know they will say, “He’s just getting old.”

If we don’t get some rain soon, I’m afraid a lot of calves will come back early to the market. We got an inch and a half of snow, but I don’t think it added any moisture because you have to have some growth or stubble to hold the snow. And with the wind this past week even a field that was no-tilled all that stubble blew off.

I saw in Iowa that farm ground had set a record in price selling at $19,000 per acre but shortly after an 80-acre field brought $22,600 per acre. It was all farm ground with a wind turbine on it.

I saw where one promotion said, “Try our 30-day fitness then feel like the best version of yourself.”

First of all, who can last 30 days and second of all who wants the best version of himself.

A friend of mine sent me this thought that it is better to wake up and pee than to pee and wake up.

All my friends tell me I should cut down on my drinking. So now I only have one vodka before going to bed. Last night I went to bed eight times.

This past week I went into the local restaurant and the young college gal waitress had a T-shirt on that said, “Team Jesus.” She walked up to our table and said, “Do you get to play much?” Still a puzzled look. Then I said, “Well, I see your T-shirt says Team Jesus—and I wondered if you got to play on that team.”

She said, “All the time when you are around.”

Editor’s note: The views expressed here are the author’s own and do not represent the view of High Plains Journal. Jerry Nine, Woodward, Oklahoma, is a lifetime cattleman who grew up on his family’s ranch near Slapout, Oklahoma.

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