It’s Thanksgiving time. And that has a lot of different meanings for a lot of people. For some it is a time to get together with family. For others it is a day off from work and a chance to relax.

Jerry Nine

And for others it is a day that they might eat a little turkey—hopefully they will get that out of their system and they won’t need any more turkey for another year. But hopefully for all of us it is a time that we stop and remind ourselves how lucky we were to be born in the United States regardless of all the negative stuff you hear on TV.

And I hope you believe in God and are not too proud to tell him thank you. Thank you are two words that I tried to stress to my kids. If I was ever handing them food or whatever they soon realized they had about one second to say thank you or I would not let them have it.

They say your day will be much better if you start by reminding yourself all the many things that you have that you are thankful for.

There are two brother-in-laws that are partners now with their wives in a farming and cattle operation. We have renamed that operation the Loose Screw Ranch. In fact that’s what I should change my ranch name to. Each brother-in-law takes turn feeding the cows. One said this morning, “We have some old hay and some good hay from this year. I just gave them a bale of the better hay.”

We teased him and said, “Shouldn’t that decision be made in executive committee?” He said, “I don’t care. I was the one doing it so that’s what I did. So when the partner came in I leaned over and teasingly said, “He just fed the good hay.” He said, “I wish he wouldn’t do that and just feed the old.” So I said, “Oh, yeah, that’s a good idea then they can eat old all year long. That’s like buying Post Toasties six months early so you can eat old Post Toasties all year.”

You have to stir the pot otherwise it gets boring.

The worst part of spanking a disobedient kid in Walmart is you have no idea whose kid it is.

A man was asked early this morning how his day was going. He said, “I haven’t been griped at once this morning.” So I jokingly said, “Oh, was your wife asleep when you left?” Do something nice for someone that’s elderly or down and out this Thanksgiving season.

Editor’s note: Jerry Nine, Woodward, Oklahoma, is a lifetime cattleman who grew up on his family’s ranch near Slapout, Oklahoma.

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