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The 2020-21 Missouri Steer Feedout entries are now being accepted through University of Missouri Extension field specialists in livestock. The entry deadline is Oct. 10 and the desired deadline to wean the prospect steers is Sept. 19.

The steer feedout is designed to give cow herd owners a chance to discover how their calves perform after they leave the friendly confines of their farm of origin. After all, they will be co-mingled with calves from several other farms, subjected to shipping stress, they'll be put in a feedlot with a ration they've never seen before and their new residence will be in southwest Iowa.

The program helps participants determine the strengths and weaknesses of their breeding and management program for their cow-calf operations. From that information they can develop possible changes in their marketing plans.

The steer feedout will help participants determine the strengths and weaknesses of their breeding and management programs.

Eligible steers for this feedout are those born after Jan. 1, 2020 and weighing at least 500 pounds upon delivery Nov. 3. Normal pickup locations are at Joplin Regional Stockyards, Carthage and Paris Veterinary Clinic, Paris, Missouri.

The entry fee is $20 per head and the minimum entry number is five head. Larger herds are encouraged to enter 10 to 20 head for a better comparison across their herd. Participants only pay the $20 at first. The feed, veterinary expense and other costs are deducted from the sale price of the cattle at the end. Entries of 10 head or more are eligible for a cash advance of $400 per head after they arrive in Iowa. The advance will not exceed 50% of the initial market value of the cattle.

A vaccination protocol states that immunizations must be given at least 28 days before delivery with two rounds of Modified Live Vaccines required.

Cattle that load out from Joplin Regional will be part of the Southwest Missouri Cattlemen's Association meeting on the evening of Nov. 3. Each owner's group will be run through the sale ring and a panel of authorities in cattle evaluation will explain strengths and weaknesses for each group. Included in the evaluation panel will be a USDA or Missouri Market News grader to place a Frame Size, Muscle Score and price per hundred on the group. The price will be used at the end of the feeding period to assist in measuring profitability of the group during the finishing phase.

The evaluation on Nov. 3 will be educational for persons who are unfamiliar with the USDA feeder cattle grading system. This evaluation is open to the public at no cost. For more details you may contact Eldon Cole, Extension field specialist in livestock, Mt. Vernon at 417-466-3102.

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