The Arkansas weekly livestock auction summary indicated receipts of 7,145 head of cattle selling the week ending on June 18, compared to 7,524 head the previous week and 7,445 head a year ago, according to the USDA-Arkansas Department of Agriculture Market News, Little Rock, Arkansas.

The total included 6,096 head of feeder cattle, 740 head of slaughter cattle and 309 head of replacement cattle compared to the previous week’s total of 6,343 head of feeder cattle, 817 head of slaughter cattle and 364 head of replacement cattle. A year ago the total was 6,163 head of feeder cattle, 953 head of slaughter cattle and 329 head of replacement cattle. Compared to the close the previous week, the feeder and stocker steers were steady to $5 lower. The feeder and stocker heifers were unevenly steady. The slaughter cows were selling $1 to $4 higher. The slaughter bulls were mostly steady. The supply included 85% feeder cattle with 45% steers, 40% were heifers and  15% were bulls; 10% was slaughter cattle with 87% cows and 13% were bulls; 4% was replacement cattle with 17% stock cows, 50% were bred cows, 9% were bred heifers and 24% were cow-calf pairs. The feeder cattle supply weighing over 600 pounds was 27%,

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