Recycle those holey bath towels: A reader writes, “I take my old holey bath towels and cut out two mitten shapes (overly large) and zig-zag around the edges of them. I use these when I wash my car windows (lots of bug juice on them). The roughness of the terry cloth takes off all the ‘parts’ and leaves my windows nice and clean.”

I would think that one of these might come in handy to keep in the vehicles to clean windshield of “bug juice.” They don’t cost anything but a few minutes of your time to make them. I made one myself and it works great to clean the dew off of the windshield early in the morning.

Stash that garden hose: My neighbor just gave me a great gift. I am limited as to how much I can carry at one time but I love to garden. My biggest problem was trying to carry the hose from one place to another without falling. She brought me a bright yellow clothes basket and showed me how to coil a section of hose in it and then move it from place to place. With the hose in the basket, I can’t trip over the coils and the whole thing is light enough for me to carry without worrying about taking a tumble.

Clean that camper water tank: Some friends of ours have camped for years and shared an idea with us that makes perfect sense. He said when they are on the last leg of their trip, they put some dish soap in the water holding tank of the camper and let is slosh around for the last couple of hundred miles home. (They have gallons of drinking water to use while this is going on.) The dish soap cleans any crud off of the inside of their big tank and when they get home, they drain and flush it out completely before putting the camper away for several months.

She said they decided to do this after some camping buddies became ill and landed in a clinic with terribly upset stomachs, etc., and the doctor’s diagnosis was “bad water” from their tank. So we thought to share this with those who are on the road for several months of the year—could save you a big doctor bill.

Recycle old coffee or tea cups: For years I’ve collected coffee and tea cups from friends and family (many with sayings on them). But, one can only use so many cups in the cupboard. I didn’t want to toss them out, so, I decided to repot my collection of miniature plants into the teacup flower pots. They work great and I can get seven or eight of them on a single windowsill to get lots of winter sunshine.

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