Paula Vogelgesang

Christmas cones

Take 1 gallon of water and stir in 1 ounce of red or green food coloring. If you want both colors, you need to use a gallon of water for each color.

Mix the solution well and put in pine cones, as many as you want or as many as the bucket can hold. Soak the cones in the dye bath for a good 24 hours, drain off the water and let the cones dry well. Then you can pile them in a punch bowl, a small tub of some kind or even wire them to a wreath. Decorate with some artificial lights if you like and enjoy!

Shingles aid

Anyone who has suffered with shingles will appreciate this hint. Dab full strength vinegar onto the affected areas at least four times a day—it does relieve the pain a lot. Vinegar can also be applied to sun burned skin to prevent peeling if done right away. If you don’t have vinegar, pure lemon juice will also work.

Doggy finder

A reader wrote that their dog likes to go out at night and then doesn’t want to come back inside and likes to hide in the dark. His son took some of that silver reflective tape and put it on his collar. Now they can spot him in the light from the streetlight and go get him inside again.

Tabletop white ring remover

Plain rubbing alcohol on a rag can be rubbed over those awful white rings due to water spots and they come out with lots of rubbing. Saves having to refinish the table top.

Laundry sorter help

A friend of mine keeps two laundry hampers in her bathroom so the kids can sort the lights and darks for the washing. I like the idea but my bathroom is so darn small even one hamper barely fits. My son went and got a big chunk of cardboard box and divided the hamper in half with it. Used a bit of duct tape to hold it in place and we are all good.

Recycle the dust mop

Save that old mop you were going to toss and use it to clean the snow off of your windshield and the other glass, sides and back. Takes just a couple of minutes and is much faster and easier than using one of the scraper things, unless of course, it’s ice covered.

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