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After much thoughtful deliberation High Plains Journal decided to transition its scheduled Sorghum/Wheat U to an online virtual learning opportunity. The new virtual Sorghum/Wheat U will now occur through several online sessions Aug. 11 and 12.

Associate Publisher Zac Stuckey said the primary concern for the publication in planning its educational events has always been the health and safety of guests, exhibitors and partners. Staff considered the many logistical challenges in hosting an in-person event in the current pandemic environment, as well as the impact on local communities, and made the decision to transition to a virtual learning event for 2020.

“We value live events and the opportunities they provide our agricultural community to network and learn,” Stuckey said. “However, we couldn’t in good conscience go forward with an in-person event at this time. We have to consider not only those who attend, but their communities and families they go home to and what effect our event would have on them as well. We communicate with our readers in many ways and this is one medium producers are now familiar with and we’ve found recently successful.

“But, when the time is right, we will get back to meeting in person safely and comfortably.”

By transitioning to a virtual learning environment, High Plains Journal hopes to broaden the audience for its educational speakers. For 70 years the core goal of the Journal has been to bring the experts to farmers and ranchers of the High Plains so that they can benefit from their knowledge and improve their farms and their futures. Virtual opportunities like this will now allow more members of farm families and their employees to attend and learn, further expanding the Journal’s educational goals.

The new Virtual Sorghum/Wheat U will feature the same speakers who have already been scheduled. They will give their presentations over a series of live webinars Aug. 11 and 12. The webinars will be recorded and posted on the www.hpj.com/suwu website for registered attendees to view at their convenience. The website will also feature an updated schedule of speakers and sessions soon.

The team at High Plains Journal, like so many other organizations over these last several months, made a tough decision to transition its in-person events to virtual events. But those of us in agriculture know that our industry has faced tough decisions before and we’re likely to face them in our future, too. The High Plains Journal has been there for farmers and ranchers in the tough times of yesterday and we will be there with the news and education that will help you, our friends and neighbors, through the tough times of tomorrow.

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