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GrassWorks Manufacturing, Lincoln, Arkansas, is offering the latest in weed control with its Weed Wiper product. The Weed Wiper eliminates any drift and drip concerns that could fall on valuable legumes, grasses or crops. The GrassWorks Weed Wiper weed control system is different from any other contact applicator due to the rotating steel drum. As it is driven, the drum turns in the opposite direction that the GrassWorks Weed Wiper is traveling, so the operator has a good wiping action on the plants that he or she is trying to get rid of. The rotating action allows the operator to run the carpet material very saturated and therefore have a lot of chemical available to apply to the targeted weeds. Because it is rotating, the drip is eliminated. The Weed Wiper applies the chemical to the bottom or underside of the leaves and stems, allowing plant kill to be easier because of greater porosity. This is applying the chemicals to the weakest part of the weed. With the adjustable height, chemicals are only applied on the targeted weeds and not wasting chemicals on grasses and clovers that the owner wants to keep. For more information, call 888-80-WIPER or visit

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