Great Plains Manufacturing has a planter designed with operator experience and profitability in mind—the PL5800. The PL5800 provides farmers with precise planting and excellent seed-to-soil contact for uniform emergence.

“Our new PL5800 planter has a positive air flow meter, instead of a vacuum, which requires a lot less torque, meaning significantly less maintenance for the farmer,” says Rye DeGarmo, vice president of engineering with Great Plains, Salina, Kansas. “When the PL5800 is set properly, it will place every seed with industry-leading accuracy.”

The PL5800 is a simple planter that is efficient to operate, with single- or twin-row configurations and row spacing between 15 and 36 inches. The reliable and economical planter is front folding with lift tires that run between rows on most row spacings. Producers can apply liquid fertilizer as they plant, and choose from multiple row cleaners and/or coulters as options.

The PL5800 uses a new WSMT3 Control System that simplifies operator interfaces. An optional, ISO-compatible Topcon X35 monitor offers enhanced diagnostic capabilities to allow troubleshooting when it’s most needed.

Several other key improvements have been made to the PL5800, including an easy-to-use two-point hitch for fast hook up and improved ability to follow terrain. Another upgrade is airflow to the meter, making seed placement even more reliable. In addition, the PL5800 has hoses that route air inside the frame, giving the planter a clean, sleek look.

An all-new seed delivery system offers reliable filling of meters with a variety of difficult-to-handle seeds. The innovative dual-fan air system—with one fan sending seed to the row-unit hopper and the other pressurizing the singulating meter—provides superior control and accuracy. A larger seed pool reservoir and larger seed inlet opening on the all-new 5000 Series Air-Pro meter provide proper singulation and keep the meter full at higher speeds. Shorter closing wheel mounts on the new 5000 Series row unit allow the PL5800 to achieve appropriate seed-to-soil contact and closing accuracy while following the contours of the field.

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