Burrowing rodents like gophers, ground hogs and prairie dogs can cause much damage to property including building foundations, slabs, airport runways and landscaping. Hay and crop fields lose productivity and burrows can damage field equipment, even breaking axles. Livestock can be injured stepping into burrows. Birds are in danger when deadly poisons are used. Pets can also carry diseases that can be transferred through insects like fleas, possibly putting family and friends at risk. Rodent droppings and urine contaminate the burrowing areas. The Rascal Eradicator, made in Brighton, Colorado, does not use dangerous poisons, baits, or exploding gases. It does not capture, transport or relocate rodents. It does not require special training or expertise to use. Instead it uses the patented “Cool Calm Carbon Monoxide System” to put rodents to sleep. For more information, call 303-910-9106 or visit

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