Sort’n Buddy is a remote-controlled gate operator that was invented by a rancher for ranchers. This device attaches to any free-swinging gate and is controlled with a rugged durable handheld remote. This device opens and closes rapidly, meeting the demand for sorting cattle. The breakaway system allows for that occasional animal that blows by and slams into the gate, allowing it to break away from the controller to protect the motor.

This system is easy to reattach and continue working. When a producer is not sorting the device can be moved to a pasture gate and he will never have to get out of his vehicle (or off his horse) again to open or close the gate. Sort’n Buddy has built-in WiFi so if more than one person needs access he can share the code with them instead of the remote. This also has a locking feature for security. This totally self-contained 12-volt system works in remote locations.

For more information, call 785-307-4719 or visit

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