When a company backs its products with a warranty that is among the industry’s best, you know that they—and you—can count on quality that will last. Kubota recently announced it has furthered its commitment to the hay and forage segment by offering a two-year standard limited warranty across its entire hay tools line, including Kubota balers, and a three-year standard limited warranty on its disc mower and disc mower conditioner cutterbars and gearboxes.


“We know that farmers have so many struggles to contend with, but equipment shouldn’t be one of them,” said Dave Palmer, Kubota senior product manager for implements. “Our warranty program is a commitment that we will always be there, and we’re backing that assurance with a longer warranty because we’re confident in the quality of our products.”


On top of that, Kubota will be adding to its already full line of hay and forage equipment with new products, including:

• The Kubota Disc Mower Conditioners Series (DMC) will add several new products, including:

o The DMC6300 Series will add the DMC6332 and the DMC6336TVARIO

o The DMC8000 Series will add the DMC8036 and the DMC8532

• The Kubota Rake (RA) line will include the new RA1047T;

• The Kubota BV Baler Series (BV) will add the new BV5160R; and

• The Kubota Wrapper line (WR) will add the new WR1600.

The new two- and three-year standard limited warranties are available now for all hay tools purchased today, into the 2021 hay season and beyond, across the following:

• The DM, DMC, TE, RA, WR products offer a two-year standard limited warranty;

• The DM and DMC Cutterbar and Gearboxes offer a three-year standard limited warranty; and

• All Kubota BV Balers offer a two-year standard limited warranty.


Coupled with the powerful and adaptable Kubota M5, M6 and M7 Series, all designed for hay, cattle and ranchers who need to quickly and practically transition from one task to the next, their full hay tools line delivers what customers have been asking for, according to Palmer.

“Kubota has built a brand trusted for offering durable, quality-built equipment, and for listening to our customers’ needs – from the day we design a new product, to the day we deliver it,” said Palmer. “This two-year standard limited warranty is a testament to our commitment to our customers to providing solutions for them and for our dealers as we grow together.”

Kubota’s hay tools are built on a long legacy of groundbreaking agriculture innovation. The company completed a full-ownership acquisition of Kverneland Group in 2013, which helped make the first phase of hay implements possible.


Not only are Kubota’s product lines growing, the company’s network is growing too. In recent years, Kubota has been on an aggressive North American growth strategy to strengthen its position in the agricultural marketplace and respond to increased demand for its products. For example, in 2019 the company opened a dedicated North American Distribution Center in Kansas. In August of 2020, the company announced an expansion underway at Great Plains Manufacturing, also in Kansas, to increase production capacity for Kubota equipment in the Midwest. And in late September, Kubota Manufacturing of America broke ground on a new Research & Development center in Gainesville, Georgia. Along with expanding the company’s facilities and parts distribution centers, Kubota has been growing its team of product experts to better respond to customers’ needs across the U.S.


For more product information, please visit the Kubota Hay Tools product pages on www.kubotausa.com.

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