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Due to excessive rainfall and other adverse weather conditions, many growers may be looking for an alternative crop. Although optimum planting dates for grain sorghum may have passed in many regions, growers typically can plant sorghum later than other crops and still make an acceptable yield at a lower risk.

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As the trade wars continue to wage in the United States, farm equipment sales numbers mirror the uncertainty within the industry. U.S. sales saw minimal growth in most categories while Canada dropped in all but two, according to the latest AEM sales data.

Helping each sheep producer find ways to be more efficient plus take more control of flock productivity, both of which protect against price volatility, is the bottom line reason for the Best Practices to Increase Your Lamb Crop fact sheets. The series is a joint effort of the American Lamb Board and the American Sheep Industry Association’s Let’s Grow program.

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U.S. Wheat Associates brought U.S. wheat farmers, members of the U.S. grain trade and the Mexican milling industry together for the 2019 Mexico Wheat Trade Conference. When planning the conference for June 2 to 4, no one anticipated that the threat of new tariffs on Mexican imports would com…

Hay market trade has picked up a bit, activity and demand is slow to moderate. Prices continue to be all over the place as producers try to out maneuver Mother Nature, according to the Kansas Department of Agriculture-USDA Market News Service, June 18. Prices given on a per-ton basis, unless…