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China’s National Bureau of Statistics revised the country’s area, yield and production estimates for corn, wheat and rice for the last decade in October, reported the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service. According to its November World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report, China reached all the way back to 2007-08 to report:

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The benefits of ground flaxseeds are numerous. They are a good source of protein, boosting the overall amino acid pool available for tissue synthesis and repair. They contain vitamins and trace minerals. Their high lignan content (not to be confused with lignin, an indigestible fiber) gives your horse antioxidant protection against disease. And most of all, their plentiful omega 3 fatty acid content promotes health by reducing inflammation, lowering insulin, balancing immune response, an…

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K-State weed specialist, Dallas Peterson, reports on his research into the actual impact of dicamba drift on non-resistant soybeans and the variables that affect yield response.

The Springfield Livestock Marketing Center, Springfield, Missouri, reported receipts of 1,619 head selling Nov. 14, compared to 1,735 head a week ago and 2,578 head last year, according to the USDA-Missouri Department of Agriculture Market News Service, Jefferson City, Missouri.